Corporate Video Editing Services

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It has never been easier to create a professional video for your business. Choose to add motion graphic intros, titles and lower thirds. Add addition camera moves to still footage and raise the production value of your project. Stabilise, color grade and even add subtitles to your video for maximum communication. Just select the services you require by using the simple multiple choice quote form. If you are still unsure about what you want, feel free to message me via the quote form and we can discuss any ideas over the phone or on Skype.


After a brief and guidelines have been set, footage and assets can be sent online or by mail delivery. Once a project has been assembled, you will be sent a watermarked version for feedback. After feedback, revisions can be made until you are satisfied with your project. Once all stages of post production are complete, I will collect payment and send the final render via online storage or mail delivery. (payment may also be requested in milestones e.g rough cut, fine cut, color grade ect.)

With the internet & social media in wide usage today, it has never been easier to share your corporate video online. Create a professional video today by adding motion graphic intros, titles or a professional color grade. Add royalty free music or even add animated camera movements to transform dull still shots into dynamic video. Make your video the best it can be and have it edited professionally.

Pricing varies depending on what services are requested


• Offline & online editing
• Audio syncing
• Audio clean up
• Shot stabilisation
• Color correction
• Color grading
• Logo animations
• Titling
• Lower third graphics
• Subtitling
• Royalty free music
• Original music
• Multi format export


Looking for a film editor? Whether it's offline or online editing, give your film the cut it deserves. With over 15 years of editing experience and a background in film making, use an editor that understands the importance of story, character and pace.


Have a great idea for a music or fashion video? Whether it's a narrative story, a quick edit or even something more experimental, get the video you want. Have a professional editor cut, grade and even add effects to your video. Just bring the idea.


Need some motion graphics or animation for your video? Whether it's a simple logo animation, lower third graphic or any other type of motion graphics. Raise the production value of your project by adding professional custom motion graphics to your video.


Need a video editor for your corporate video? Whether it's a talking head video, motivational video or even a training video. Create a professional video complete with intros, titles and lower third graphics. Pick and choose what services you require and receive a quote today.


Do you need visual effects for your film or video? Whether it's green screen, motion tracking, rotoscoping, action effects, horror effects, stabilisation or any other effect. With 15 years of experience using Adobe After Effects. Add professional VFX to your film or video.


Whether it's a travel video, slide show, event video or something more personal, Why not have it edited professionally? Share your video online and see the difference a professional edit makes. With titling, color grading and motion graphics available, turn your videos into something to share!